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Cameron’s Huge Presentation
Cameron's Huge Presentation

Cameron’s pressed for time. He’s got a presentation due in about 40 minutes and has butterflies in his stomach. The problem is, he’s not much of a confident speaker. Parker comes in to give Cameron some pointers on how to imagine the audience in their underwear. Cameron takes the lesson one step further at Office Cock.

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Office Anal Payback
Office Anal Payback

There’s a thief in the office. Luke is on the prowl to find out who’s been taking his pencils and staplers. Jonathan gleefully admits to borrowing the office supplies only to give them back for a price. Someone’s got a hungry hole at Office Cock. What will Jonathan think of next?

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Deep Anal Office Pounding
Deep Anal Office Pounding

Who says that sex talk in the work place will get you fired? In Austin’s office it’s presumed that once you ask for it, there’s no turning back. Phrases like “suck my dick” and “fuck me ’till I’m sore” won’t get Andrew a raise, but it will surely give him a longer lunch at Office Cock.

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Office Stiff Cumming’s
Office Stiff Cumming's

Getting your own office takes gay hard work and determination. The new intern, Kirk, is in for a surprise if he wants to move his way up the corporate ladder. Hunter and Steven tag team this twinkie till the cream comes out. Office threesomes have never been so rewarding at Office Cock.

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Hard Problem
Hard Problem

Jake is having financial problems at home; he’s in over his head with a new girlfriend, a new house, and a new puppy. He’s in desperate need of a paycheck advance. Don’t let Shane’s demeanor fool you, he takes payroll very seriously and has never given an advance in the three years he’s working at Office Cock.

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Seth’s Office Playdate
Seth's Office Playdate

Luke is back again. This time he’s accusing Seth of stealing his Purple coffee cup. Is this his way of getting into the employee’s pants? Seth enjoys cock play but that’s nothing compared to his eager ass. Luke still is on the hunt for his coffee cup at Office Cock.

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